Guild Information

Roleta Russa

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Coxa Russo97 Druid
a Member Aarseth Russo53 Sorcerer
Aleegods Russo59 Druid
Balasso Russa60 Druid
Boizeramsdoido99 Master Sorcerer
Brisa Forte55 Sorcerer
Coutinho Russo49 Sorcerer
Crasheer Russo85 Sorcerer
Deby Russo62 Sorcerer
Dih Russo84 Sorcerer
Eme Erre Dablio90 Master Sorcerer
Fael Russo70 Sorcerer
Fredy Pyre Russo83 Knight
Gui Russo92 Sorcerer
Just It Russo77 Druid
Leozin Da Roleta91 Elder Druid
Memi Russo47 Druid
Opressor Russo62 Sorcerer
Rickema Russo84 Sorcerer
Rosto Russo73 Sorcerer
Saymex48 Sorcerer
Sethill Brig109 Elder Druid
Tatu Russo48 Druid
Tensso106 Elder Druid
True Russo63 Sorcerer
Vigatto Inferno84 Sorcerer

Members Online 0 out of 26
Highest Level Sethill Brig (109)
Average Level 74
Lowest Level Memi Russo (47)
Total Level 1930

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.